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Another boring post about my dreams and obsession with England

I had a dream last night that I was sitting a row ahead of Stephen Fry and Dylan Moran on a plane (who were, of course sitting next to each other because why wouldn't they be) and turned around and spent the whole time chatting and being fangirly at them. And even in my dream I realized that the situation was unlikely and all our presences and proximity was unlikely and I was useless. I don't know what my subconscious has been smoking, but I think I'm going to need to have a strong word with it. :\

Seriously, my ultimate celebrity-meeting fantasy is Stephen Fry and Dylan Moran? What the hell, brain?
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Sorry to muck up your f-list page with political talk, but...

So, I'm watching the bipartisan debate/meeting thing live on YouTube at the moment, and they've just said that they have to take a break because there's a vote going on in the House and, obviously, the Representatives need to get back to take part in it. So everybody stands up and starts shuffling towards the door, and someone vaguely in charge says, "Oh, they're waiting for us to take the vote, but we have to get there, vote, and come right back here. The bus is waiting downstairs."

The bus. That last line is a direct quote: the bus is waiting downstairs.

Now, I'm sure they're probably all really taking limos or private cars or some crap, but I really, really wish that all the Democrats and Republican Representatives and Senators actually had to pile onto a bus (I'm picturing a crappy school bus, personally) and ride to it together. I picture some of them kicking the backs of the others' seats, a shortage of space making at least two opposing Reps have to sit next to each other, and a window that is jammed down, making them all freeze their asses off. Maybe one or two moody, antisocial Reps would just put their earbuds in and listen to their iPod for the trip. XD There are no words for how much I'm nerdily giggling at the moment.

Damn, I wish I was in charge of the government.
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Seriously, why is there drama on the internet? Why do people feel the need to blow shit out of proportion and go out in a blaze of bitchy (non)glory? Why are there perfectly nice people who can turn on a dime and go all super-crazy, petty asshole on you with no warning? And why am I the only one who seems to check the sources of their information rather than believing whatever half-baked rumor they hear and adding YET MORE DRAMA?!
Common sense, logic, and gossiping have always been areas in which people continue to disappoint me. I don't suppose that'll change any time soon.

On an unrelated note, this week is HvZ, starting... *checks clock* an hour ago. I am very excited. *collects nerf guns* :D
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Oh, dear God, they are talking about slash on 8 Out of 10 Cats and I am laughing so hard I am crying. Sean is so terribly uncomfortable and lost, and Jason trying to explain it is actually giving me giggle spasms to listen to/watch. XD
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